Carl-Johan Nordin
Designer + Co-founder of Studio Böfüms.
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Carl-Johan Nordin
Designer + Co-founder of Studio Böfüms. Scroll | to see a selection of my work, or click here to find my resumé and contact information.

Book design for Alex Backström’s debut novelette, titled Property of Scavenger. Printed in an edition of 300 signed and numbered copies, with a fax machine on continuous paper. The book rest within a black acrylic case alongside a separate, offset printed poster. Beyond the printed version there is a digital and a semi digital edition. The later one in form of a physical test tube, holding a code for the digital copy. The assignment also includes web, a short film and invitations.

The design is strongly influenced by the story and means to emphasize the main characters alternating personality.

Visual identity for the exhibition ÖL at Spritmuseum, which highlight the role of beer – in past, present and future. The assignment includes a logotype, signage system, illustrations, posters, menus, packaging and publications. Featured as design pick of the month in Creative Review.

The identity is inspired by running liquid, and the whimsical tonality – often associated with beer culture.

Packaging for a series of seasonal beers served during the year of the exhibition.

Visual identity/electronics for recording studio MFG. The studio had a rumor of a special vibe – one of which you could almost touch. A description many companies claim, yet few possess the power to prove. In order to solve this, THE SOCIAL TUNING DEVICE was invented, live rendering the current mood of the studio as a 3D object. The assignment also includes a logotype, stationary and visual guidelines.

Data from three different categories of sensors are placed in the studio and measured by the SOCIAL TUNING DEVICE. An algorithm finds a connection between movement, sound and light, while generating a live view of the studios "heartbeat".

Packaging for Leksands Brewery. The visual concept of their first beer Ofelia, is based on its drowning namesake in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. While staring down the bottle on late nights, some people see this cryptic dark joke. For the rest of us, just being able to order the “swim pad beer” is equally enjoyable.

The logotype is based on the true story of when Mattias and Emil started brewing in the basement of their apartment building – residing in a former garbage disposal.

Packaging for the record label Northern Electronics. Every release has a number, starting from NE01, and share the same typography and layout. The images are generated from old reused record labels, run through a player/scanner hybrid. This easy setup makes it possible for NE to produce unique, affordable labels themselves.

Book design for Arvinius Förlag. Exceeding well over 500 pages, Nordic Architects – Ebbs & Flows features interviews with more than 60 leading offices on the Nordic Architectural scene. Illustrated with photography, drawings and sketches of the region's most pioneering buildings.

SS12 Lookbook for fashion brand Rules by Mary, divided into two publications. A smaller booklet aimed for the consumer, and a large format magazine giving a deeper insight of the label.

The magazine features conceptual photography of the collection with an introduction from the chief designer. It was printed on a set of loose tabloid pages, handed out to press.

Art direction for Nya Upplagan, monthly magazine addressing culture, art, music and politics.

Posters & visual identity for Forsbergs School degree exhibition of 2011. The graphics are generated with various experiments captured by long exposure photography, to highlight movement as the topic of the thesis projects.